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Welcome to British Triathlon Media. We are an organization and a website that caters mostly towards triathlons. Our website is committed to writing about different facets of triathlons and sports betting in this sport.

Triathlon is a very young sport. It consists of three multiple endurance sports put together. These three sports are running, swimming, and cycling. People go through all of these sports with no break in between.

The standard distances are 10 kilometers for running, 40 kilometers for cycling, and 1500 meters for swimming. However, there are different events that lower these distances.

The first thing we write is articles on triathlon betting. We explain the many different types of bets that you can do when betting on triathlons. We also explain the different triathlon betting odds. Finally we write articles on the many

Our website is coming into prominence due to the fact that sports betting is being legalized across states in the United States.

Sports betting is something that has always been part of American culture. In 1992 a ban was put on sports betting in most if not all states.

However, this past May, the Supreme Court ruled that the ban was infringing on the public’s rights. It was raised and now, numerous states have been preparing their requirements to have sports betting allowed.