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Ryan Taylor
Name Ryan Taylor
Sex Male
DOB 05 May 1993 (age 23)
Hometown Derby
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Ryan is a former international standard football player who was identified as a potential triathlete through a Talent ID day. He played in the England CP Football team as a wingback and was part of the team that played in the Intercontinental Cup.
He was part of the England Talent squad before joining the 2015 UK Sport Lottery Funded Squad. His break through race was the ITU World Championships in Chicago, where he won bronze in the PT2 category, which is one of the categories that will be included in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Despite falling off his bike on a corner, he got back up and was able to overtake other atheltes on the run to ensure a place on the podium.
Ryan is from Derby but is now located in Lougborough. He has cerabral palsy, affecting his right side and uses an adapted bike with the great and brake controls on the left.

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