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Marc Austin
Name Marc Austin
Sex Male
DOB 21 Feb 1994 (age 20)
Hometown Glasgow
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Marc’s first passion was running and he took up swimming to boost his fitness. From there he entered the Stirling Aquathon at the age of 11, finishing in second position he then turned his attention to Triathlon. Marc now attends Stirling University where he is studying for a degree in Applied Maths, whilst training with the National Squad there. He is also a member of Fusion Triathlon Club and Victoria Park City Of Glasgow Athletics Club.

Major results:

Coach: Blair Cartmell

Height: 184 cm

Who do you look up to in sports?

Bradley Wiggins and the Brownlee brothers.

What is your best strength in triathlon?

At the moment running but it changes a lot.

How did you get into triathlon?

I was swimming and running and got told about aquathlons and started triathlons from there.

What is your ultimate goal in triathlon and beyond?

To have a career in triathlon and go to the Olympics and hopefully win a medal.


Follow Marc on Twitter @marcja94 and visit his website:

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