Events 2018

This year is halfway over, but there still quite a number of triathlon events that fans and betters can enjoy. Here are a few triathlon events that you can catch in the remainder of 2018.

Santa Cruz Triathlon

It is the Santa Cruz Triathlon, currently on its 36th year. The race has the standard distances for running, swimming, and cycling. These are 10 kilometers, 1.5 kilometers, and 40 kilometers respectively.

There are a lot of divisions to join in this triathlon. A few of them are open wave, divisions that are separated into age groups, and even relay of men, women, and co-ed.

The sprint race is particularly interesting. It is known as the best sprint triathlon course in the whole of Northern California. In the sprint race, it consists of swimming for 700 yards, running for 3.1 miles, and cycling for 12 miles.

This sprint race is ideal for beginners.

This is a charitable organization. They have amassed more than a $1.5 million dollars. This money has been given to different schools in the area. The students who belong to these school often serve as the volunteers during race day.

The triathlon is set for September 23. Currently, the price for entrance into the individual triathlon event is $155. However, the price is set to go up to $160. Register now!

Mighty Moraine Man

The event is called Might Moraine Fall multi-sport event. In it, there are multiple events that take place. Apart from the triathlon, it also contains a duathlon, sprint races, super-sprint races, team relays, and even a reverse triathlon event.

The event is slated to take place this 9th of September.